Albrecht Schwegler
Endless Summer
Trollinger, Muskattrollinger
Württemberg, Germany

When Albrecht in 1990 started making wine out of the family garage in the middle of "Mercedesland," he was just focused on making better wines than people would typically associate with the region. He wanted to make international-style wines and focused on grape varieties that are not native. As he pretty soon got recognition in Germany for this new wine style with lots of wood and tannins, his son started to focus more on white varieties and on local grape varieties. But all this time, they always refrained from using any chemical fertilizers and herbicides on the 7 hectares of vineyards. While most of the wine being made is still conventional in its style, its focus on quality and nature will hopefully bring more new kinds of wines from this part of Germany.

Two absolutely native grape varieties make up this particular Pet Nat. These are usually not associated with high-end wines but do show their full potential in this bubbly. Endless Summer in March? Yes, who wouldn't want a little bit of summer in March? After the harvest in September, the wine spends 2 weeks on its skins for its beautiful color. Still happily fermenting, it went into the bottle late in October and finished this process until spring when it was disgorged. It's a little bit of kitsch in the bottle. With lots of wild berry aromas and red pepper in the nose, it shows some greener strawberry notes in the mouth, followed by satisfying bitterness. This one has enough punch to work with your first barbecue or will also work in the park with some petit fours. If worst comes to worst, you can even drink this while ice skating.

This wine is part of
Volume 30: The Blender Edition