Fledermaus Weiss
Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Riesling
Franconia, Germany

Melanie and Michael came back from London in 2013 to slowly take over the family winery, which exists since 1843. After they had so much natural wine in New York and London, they were convinced to make that wine at home as well. They left their jobs in science publishing and went back to Micheals hometown to make the kind of wine, which had caused such an emotional response. By now, they are one of the more important natural winemakers in Germany, shipping most of their wine to the US and Japan. They just started to fully take ownership of the winery and now exclusively make natural wine.

This white wine is not just called Fledermaus because it's cool, but because there is an actual story behind it. When they took over the vineyard from a neighbor, they decided to transform the little cottage which was part of it into a home for bats. Together with a bat expert, they developed the idea to use the guano as a fertilizer for their vineyard. So hopefully, you won't be able to taste it, but maybe some of the complexity stems from the cute little bats. A cut of the wine is going to a natural preservation fund. It's a very balanced white wine with subtle fruitiness and fabulous acidity. If you can, enjoy it with cheese or try it with slightly spicy food.

This wine is part of
Volume 18: The Stay Home Edition