Bacchus Pet-Nat
Franconia, Germany

I like how Melanie and Michael are pushing the natural wine agenda forward by almost exclusively making no-sulfur wines. When they came back from London in 2013 to take over the family winery. After they had so much natural wine in New York and London they were convinced to make that wine at home as well. By now they are one of the bigger natural wine makers in Germany, probably shipping most of their wine to the US and Japan.

The Pet-Nat I chose for this Plain box is made with Bacchus, a weird German grape created by Peter Moria in 1933 as a cross between Riesling, Silvaner and Müller-Thurgau. It's a very fruity and easy to grow variety, perfectly suited for a Petillant Naturel, which is definitely more of a fun drink. If you don't know what a Pet-Nat is, it's basically a wine that was filled into bottles while the fermentation is still ongoing, so all the CO2 is kept in the bottle and will naturally carbonate the drink. Once you open this bottle it's very floral on the nose and I think of grapefruit when I drink it. You can actually make it into two drinks by actually opening it with all sediments settled and once you poured a couple glasses turn the bottle upside down to get all the stuff at the bottom into the wine. It adds complexity - and it is pretty much two drinks in one. Try it!

This wine is part of
Volume 1: The First Edition