How it works.

Three Bottles Once a Month

We find and source the best wines from all over Europe. All you have to do is make sure you get the package. Everything else is on us. We pick 3 bottles from 3 different wine makers.
One bübblÿ wine. One white wine. One red wine.

In Germany the price is 50 Euro per month including shipping. Plus you get a description of each wine and a story about the winemaker.

If you want more of a specific wine you can order more of it, depending on how much we have left.

Our Principles

Every month we search for the finest and best natural wines. For this we work with many wine makers in Europe directly, sometimes we work with importers. We choose them based on our principles.

  1. Grapes are farmed organic or bio-dynamic, but at least no herbicides or pesticides should be used.
  2. Grapes are picked by hand, so only the best are chosen for making the wine.
  3. Fermentation starts with no added yeasts. Sparkling wine might use neutral yeast.
  4. No additives are being used at any point except for low levels of sulfites at bottling.
  5. Wine should also be made without heavy fining and filtering.

No Small Print, No Surprises.

As much as we like to have paying customers, we don't lock you in. You can leave or pause your membership whenever you feel like it.